Do you want cookies?

February 28, 2021

There are few film festivals in the world that are as famous as Festival de Cannes. Going by their website, they seem hospitable.

Before I decide what I want, they want to optimize my experience and they ask whether I want cookies. They offer not one, but two varieties.

For a moment, it felt like I had just arrived at a friend’s place and was being offered cookies (the crunchy ones). Alas, website cookies are less crunchy and more sticky.

So many websites ask visitors to allow cookies1. This was the first occasion where I was asked “Do you want analytical cookies?” and “Do you want social media cookies?”

The framing of their question (do you want) seems like they are offering me delicious cookies. In reality, they are crunching data while I am left wondering how my experience is being optimized.

By default, they do not store cookies for analytics and their privacy policy is written in understandable language.

As for their offer for cookies, I’ll pass. I might reconsider if they offer crunchy cookies instead.

  1. In fact, the French and Spanish version of the Festival’s website asks visitors to allow cookies.↩︎